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Homesteaded in the late 1,800’s, CK Ranch still carries the the last two letters of the founding families last name; Lindback. Located on the banks of North Cottonwood Creek, CK Ranch borders nearly 5 miles of forest service and holds a similar length of fishing stream that has historically maintained it’s designation as a premier Blue Ribbon Fishery. An abundance of large game, including Elk, Deer, Moose, Antelope and Bear live on and around this spectacular property which backs up to the Wyoming Range to the West, and is flanked with spectacular views of both the Wind River and Gros Ventre Mountain Ranges to the east and north. With no conservation easements, restrictions this undeveloped pristine property awaits the discerning value buyer that wants to paint his / her own vision across this 6,500 acre expanse. A very rare find, in the middle of northwest Wyoming, 1.5 hours from Jackson Hole, and 3.5 hours from Salt Lake City.

OFFERED AT $19,995,000


Cottonwood Creek Ranch
Daniel, Wyoming











Property Features

  • Located on the banks of North Cottonwood Creek
  • Bordering 5 miles of forest service
  • Premier Blue Ribbon Fishery designation
  • Abundance of large game
  • Views of the Wind River and Gros Ventre Mountain Ranges
  • No conservation easements
  • 1.5 hours from Jackson Hole, 3.5 hours from Salt Lake City

CK Ranch History

Ludvig Lindback came from Sweden to Carbon County Wyoming in 1888 at age 18. Here he met and married Elizabeth Madison, and they lived in company housing while Ludvig was employed in the coal mines of Diamondville. In 1902 in a secondhand wagon pulled by a team, they moved to the Cottonwood Creek area. The family lived in a wall tent, where yet another child was born. In time, with more children arriving for a total of 8,,the Lindbacks built a house. They used the CK brand (the last 2 letters of their last name) from 1903 on.

The Lindbacks were important early settlers and long time residents. As the children grew older, some left their parents’ Cottonwood Ranch and went on to homestead their own places. Ross Meeks was born in 1912 in Burris and he married Emma Lindback in Burris in 1931. Soon after they were married Ross and Emma moved to the Cottonwood Creek area, close to where Emma was raised, where they both filed for a 640 acre patent.

In 1952 Ross and Emma Meeks bought family members homesteads and in 1966 they purchased the CK Ranch on Cottonwood Creek from Emma’s mother, Elizabeth Lindback. In 1968, Ross And Emma incorporated CK Land & Livestock and Ross Copeland (grandson of Ross and Emma Meeks) has managed the Ranch since graduating from the University of Wyoming.