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Refuge on the Ranch

Although the pandemic brought unexpected changes for many, life on a ranch hasn’t changed much. Ranchers work outside, live in small communities and are usually far more self-sufficient than the general population. “They’ve been practicing social distancing for 100 years,” ranch broker and LiveJacksonHole, LLC co-owner Chopper Grassell said. Ranching isn’t for everyone. It takes […]

The Sage Grouse Indicator

Can conservation raise your ranch’s bottom line? If Noppadol Paothong sleeps in until 4am, he’s already late for work. The tenacious photographer has spent the last 15 spring seasons waking up before dawn in order to observe the early morning mating rituals of the greater sage grouse. “To me sage grouse represent the wildness of […]


For generations the West has held a certain captivation over the hearts and minds of the public. From its depiction on the silver screen to the often gritty day-to-day operations, the ranching lifestyle seems to beckon adventurers to try their luck – and their determination – against the land. From early dude ranches to the […]

The Long Arc of Cattle Ranching

Following negotiations of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, American settlers began migrating westward. The acquisition from France, which President Jefferson would later say “stretched the Constitution until it cracked,” incorporated some 828,000 square miles of new territory, which boasted auspicious potential for those willing to brave the unknown. Over the subsequent century, pioneers began pushing […]


Hunting Season in the Mountain West

As the fall season descends over the Mountain West there is a certain mystique in the air. The dog days of summer slowly give way to crisp autumn mornings and nights, which bring with them a bounty of color. In this, nature’s final curtain call before winter, the region’s wildlife is at its most remarkable. […]


WSJ Feature: Meet The Brokers Who Wrangle Luxury Ranch Sales

Meet The Brokers Who Wrangle Luxury Ranch Sales These brokers face grizzlies and avalanches to sell multi-million dollar Western properties Live Jackson Hole’s Chopper Grassell and Richard Lewis were recently featured in Wall Street Journal article, Meet The Brokers Who Wrangle Luxury Ranch Sales. READ FULL ARTICLE ON WSJ.COM “Routinely spending years with clients before […]

The Economy of the Rodeo

Take a drive around any given small town in rural American on any given summer night, and there is a good chance of finding a throng of trucks and trailers, cowboys and cowgirls, livestock and rough stock, parked around the metal fences of a dirt arena. At once gritty and pastoral, it’s a scene iconic […]


Guide to Wyoming Rivers

With more than 27,000 miles of fishable waters, Wyoming is an angler’s dream come true. From glacial lakes to big tailwaters that support thousands of trout per mile, it’s little wonder one of the country’s most expansive states is also one of the world’s most popular fishing destinations. Below is a guide to Wyoming’s best […]


Rivers Run Through the Mountain West

Each spring a remarkable transformation overtakes the Mountain West. As the long winter gives way to the first signs of spring, the snowfields begin to recede, breathing fresh life into the surrounding rivers, lakes and creeks. To the outdoor enthusiast and the causal recreationalist alike, this perennial thaw is something of an invitation back into […]