Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, the region’s largest and most dynamic real estate company, is proud to present our comprehensive Market Report for the year end of 2018. Assembled from Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates’ proprietary database, the most extensive source of information about the region’s real estate market, and insight from our dedicated team of professionals, the report provides valuable insight into the market segments that make up the Jackson Hole area.


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Jackson Hole Market Report

We are pleased to present our comprehensive market report for the mid-year 2018. In this detailed report, you will find information on the market segments making up the Jackson Hole area. As the market leader in Jackson Hole, we have developed a more dynamic report that sheds fresh light on the insights and trends that are shaping our real estate market.

Jackson Hole’s real estate market started very strong in the first half of 2018 with number of transactions up 11% and average sale price up 10%. Even more important to note was the increase in median sale price, a more accurate indicator, up 22% from a year ago. The majority of transactions were in the $500,000 – $1 million price segment, however, there was a sharp increase in transactions over $5 million, up 77%. This sharp increase drove total dollar volume up by 33% compared to a year ago. The single family home segment was the most popular among buyers achieving 41% of the mid-year market share. Inventory continued to decrease as did well-priced new inventory, which was a contributor to the 23% decrease in active listings and 13% decrease in average days on market. CLICK TO VIEW FULL REPORT.

As a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, we are privy to global economic insights from LeadingRE’s Chief Economist, Marci Rossell, who takes complex economic issues and makes them relevant to buying and selling real estate. In this edition, we are covering Rising Home Prices and Affordability.

Home prices have skyrocketed causing an affordable housing crisis in many parts of the globe, particularly with first time home buyers. To help make housing more affordable, some governments are taking action by placing restrictions on the purchase of real estate. In addition, market-based solutions are occurring


  • Restrictions may keep some foreign buyers from purchasing homes.
  • To control home prices, some countries are purchasing property.


  • New companies have emerged with creative solutions and programs to help homebuyers with a down payment or make monthly mortgage payments. In return, when a buyers sells the property, the appreciation is split.
  • Another example is a start-up in Seattle, Washington, USA, helping homebuyers come up with a down payment in exchange for a share of Airbnb revenues that the property generates.

Expect to see more innovative market-based solutions occurring, providing a better answer to affordable housing without causing home values to decrease or be suffocated in the long run.